Meet Shawnee, Loree’s wolfy friend!

August 5, 2008

Okay, I promise…no more wolf photos…at least not for a while.

I’d like to introduce you to Shawnee, the second most-important furry character in Love Finds You in Paradise, PA.


Are you curious to learn more about this amazing animal? Well, you can either wait until Paradise is released…or visit the Sanctuary’s web site!

Talk to you soon. Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to hearing what y’all think of my fuzzy friends!

‘Til then, take care!


Loree’s back…wolf in tow!

August 3, 2008

Hi again!

As promised, here’s a picture of Casper, a resident of the Wolf Sanctuary (and a minor character in Love Finds You in Paradise, PA). You can read more about him and all of the Wolves of Speedwell Forge by visiting the Sanctuary’s web site (www.wolfsancpa or type Wolf Sanctuary of PA into your search engine box).


Isn’t he just GORgeous!?

Soon, I’ll post the other four-legged ‘star’ of Paradise, PA. Until then, enjoy looking into these gorgeous wolfy eyes!

All my best,

Old friends, new friends…

July 25, 2008

Hey again, y’all!

These conversations about how far back we all go are beginning to make me feel a bit long in the tooth. So knock it off, will yas!

Hehehe. Seriously, I think Rachel’s comment was, as the Brits say, spot on. We’re all so blessed, and in so many ways…. A few of us have been fast friends for ages, the rest of us can rejoice that we’re in the process of cultivating new friendships…all thanks to Summerside. No doubt in my mind, either, that bringing us together has long been part of God’s larger plan.

So a heartfelt thanks to you, Sandie Bricker, for sharing the good news about this fantastic company. I’ve never felt more at home while at work. (Hey, wait, my office is in my basement; I’ve always been at home while I worked!) Oh, I’m sure y’all know what I mean. <g>

I’ve said it before, but it definitely bears repeating: I’m honored to be a member of the Summerside family!

All my best,


Loree has a picture of Paradise, PA for you!

July 22, 2008

Paradise, PA

Well dearies, as promised, here’s a photograph of beautiful Paradise, PA. Wide vistas of rolling farmlands are a fairly regular sight up there, but visitors can stop in the quaint little town to shop or eat or just stroll along the main street, too.

Next time I visit, I’ll share a picture of the nearby Wolf Sanctuary of PA, where Simon and Julia meet. But I hafta warn you, once you see these magnificent creatures, you might just want to hop in the car (despite gas prices!) and meet them, yourselves!

Until then, I pray you’ll never miss a rainbow or a sunset because you’re looking (or feeling) down.


Loree Lough joins the Summerside Sisterhood!

July 21, 2008

Hello, everybody!

Let me start by saying I pray the Lord has blessed you all with a safe, happy, and healthy summer.

He has surely blessed me, many times over. The family is happy and healthy, my malfunctioning computer has been repaired, and I recently learned that my contract for Love Finds You in Paradise, PA will arrive any day. How cool is that!

The basic storyline, for those of you with inquiring minds, goes something like this:

Julia (legal aid lawyer) and Simon (veterinarian) are regular volunteers at The Wolf Sanctuary of PA (a real place, just like Paradise!). Both also have ties with their good Amish friends. With so much in common, it’s no surprise that, right from the get-go, they’re drawn to one another.

Simon, lonely and brokenhearted since the death of his wife, has prayed for someone to share his beliefs, his life, and his yearning for children. Julia, an orphan raised in the foster care system, wants the same things. But convinced the handsome, big-hearted animal doctor deserves far better than someone like her–the product of a mother who died of a drug overdose and a father who died in prison–she does everything in her power to stay a safe heart-distance from Simon, who is determined to prove her wrong…

…until an Amish child is harmed by an “Englisher”, and her boss forces Julia to represent the offender in court.

Can the loving lessons of the humble Amish help him understand that Julia’s just doing her job? That the boy in question, like little Liam, is also child of God, deserving of forgiveness and mercy? Or will outrage that Julia could defend the young man’s violent acts keep Simon from living by God’s laws, not man’s?

And what will it take for Julia to forgive herself for representing the individual who caused such pain and heartache in the Amish community and her own?

Only a miracle can mend all the broken hearts, and renew the peace and tranquility of Paradise, PA….

Come back soon to view pictures of my klutzy, neurotic rescued dog, my gardens, family (and maybe even me!), and of course, the beautiful Paradise vistas.

Until then, may God’s blessings keep you smiling!

All my best,