Love Finds You in Revenge, Ohio

I’m so excited to announce that Love Finds You in Revenge, Ohio will be released this month! To celebrate, I’m holding a contest on my blog to give away five free books at

Stop by and leave a comment on my Heart of Africa blog for a chance to win and check out my video trailer below!




3 Responses to Love Finds You in Revenge, Ohio

  1. Miralee says:

    Lisa, I’m celebrating with you…it’s SO exciting to see all these awesome books release. I have one of yours coming from Amazon…I’m trying to get a copy of each of my Summerside sister’s books as they come out. I’m wishing you all God’s blessings on your new book!! Miralee Ferrell

  2. Lisa Harris says:

    Thanks for rejoicing with me, Miralee! I, too, am so excited about this new series. Blessings to you as well as you write for Him!

  3. Dana Mentink says:

    I’m looking forward to your new book, Lisa. Who wouldn’t love a book with a title like that? Dana

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