It takes a village

Ohio Farmland

Ohio Farmland


I recently turned in my manuscript for Love Finds You in Revenge, Ohio, and I’m so thrilled to be writing for Summerside! Writing this story, though, hasn’t come without its challenges. I live with my husband and three kids in Mozambique, Africa which means that visiting Revenge–named after a competition between two shopkeepers–was an impossibility.

Instead of first-hand research, I spent hours looking for information online. Even though Revenge is little more than a ghost town (rumored to even have its own ghost) I was able to find enough information to start writing. Another part of the challenge was that Revenge never had a booming population. In fact for years, the only major business was the general store where local farmers could buy supplies. While I found it necessary to add to the small population for the sake of the story, I worked hard to keep the flavor and history of this not-quite forgotten town of Revenge.


When Rachel told me they were planning to add photographs to the books, I loved the idea, but had no idea how I was going to get any pictures I had permission to publish. I continued my search through the historical society and another contact I had, but when I still came up empty handed, I decided to turn my quest in to a contest on my blog. The response I received was amazing. People sent emails with links of information on Revenge, offered to talk to their friends who lived in Ohio, and a couple people even offered to drive to Revenge to take the photos. I was trilled.

Johnson Covered Bridge

Johnson Covered Bridge

In the end, the winner of my contest turned out to be my husband’s cousin and her family who drove to Revenge and took over one hundred photos of the beautiful area. They spent the day playing in the creek, roaming through the graveyard, and having a great time.

The African proverb says It takes a village to raise a child. In my case, it took a village to finish my book. 

I hope you enjoy these photos from a quiet part of Ohio, near where the prairies of the west meet the Appalachian forests of the east. I’ve also included a short teaser for the book that I hope will whet your appetite!

Teaser for Love Finds You in Revenge, Ohio (1884) 

The only thing worse than being a spinster, is being a twice-jilted spinster.

Sensible Catherine Morgan is the first telephone operator in the small town of Revenge, Ohio. Bound by her promise to take care of her three sisters until they marry, she’ll do anything it takes to keep them safe. But Sheriff Corbin Hunter stands in her way. With evidence that her sister’s fiancé is really an infamous bank robber, Catherine finds herself torn between saving her sister’s heart and losing hers to a former jilted love.

A confidence man, a lawman, and a grubstaker converge on the small town of Revenge, Ohio with explosive consequences.

Sheriff Corbin Hunter never expected to return to Revenge. Seven years ago he walked away from the one woman he ever loved, a decision he’s regretted ever since. Revenge, though, can be stronger than love. When Corbin’s father is killed during a bank heist, Corbin vows to avenge his father’s death–even if it means losing the woman he loves a second time.

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Clear Creek

Clear Creek




4 Responses to It takes a village

  1. I can hardly wait to read this book, Lisa. What wonderful pictures.

  2. Abi says:

    Sounds wonderful. Glad your contest showed much fruit. Lovely pictures Abi

  3. Debby Mayne says:

    Beautiful pictures, Lisa! And what a creative way to get them! I love your writing, so I have no doubt the book will be fabulous!

  4. Wow, this sounds great! Can’t wait to read it, Lisa!

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