Christmas on Main Street’s Miracle Book Signing

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of being back in Stanford, Kentucky. I signed my book Love Finds You in Miracle, Kentucky as part of the town’s Christmas on Main Street celebration. Miracle, as I explain in my story, is the rural area outside of Stanford, but it’s still considered part of the community.

On Main Street there was a Jiggle Jog in the morning to raise money for charity and that evening at 6pm there was a parade. The rest of the day dedicated to shopping!

The store that hosted my book signing was called Kentucky Soaps and Such.

KY soaps pic first

It’s the most charming store that sells handmade soap and candles in a variety of tantalizing scents and fragrances and they’re all made from goat’s milk which is delivered to the shop by a local farm.

KY soaps pic 1

Above is a collection of the store’s handmade soap. Among a few of the bars I purchased are Geranium and Kentucky Mint Julip.

KY soaps pic 2

Kentucky Soaps and Such sells other products too, like Sally Arias’ Hot Pepper Jelly which is a favorite among the locals. Sally lives in the area and grows her own hot peppers. But the curious thing is the green jelly isn’t hot at all and tastes actually quite sweet with only a hint of spice. It’s delicious poured over a block of cream cheese and spread on crackers.

Kentucky Soaps and Such is also known for its amazing gift baskets. To find out more about this quaint country store, log onto: The owner, Gail Perrin, said she’ll ship anywhere!

But I digress…back to my book signing. I set up my table and books in a corner of the shop near the front door.

Miracle books on table

It wasn’t long before I had a stream of customers.

Me signing Miracle

I really enjoyed meeting everyone. Like Nancy, who is the real owner of the house that appears in my book’s video trailer, and Sandy, who works in Mayor Miracle’s office and answered questions for me during the writing process.

Sandy me and Mayor

The above picture is of me and my new friends: Sandy (on the left) and Mayor Bill Miracle.

Overall, the book signing was a success and I had a blast. It encouraged me to see how many people in the area are so excited about my novel – and the entire Love Finds You line of books!

That night as my husband Daniel and I walked along historic Main Street, waiting for the parade to start, we admired the light decorations in the store fronts and all around the stately, brick Lincoln County Courthouse. We watched the residents standing on the walks, sipping hot chocolate, talking and laughing together. We almost felt like it was our hometown.

It was a special day to be sure.

Dan and me

And for now, Daniel and I wish all the Summerside editors, authors, and readers a very Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year.


11 Responses to Christmas on Main Street’s Miracle Book Signing

  1. Sandie says:

    Andrea, this is fabulous! It looks like you were really a part of something special there. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.


  2. teresa says:

    What a fun book signing. I did one in Sydney, OH on the evening of the annual lighting of the Christmas tree on the courthouse lawn. The bookstore was on the square and part of the festivities. My husband and I did the same thing; watching people sip hot chocolate while they waited for the parade to start. I love those kinds of evenings. I wish you and your book all the success it deserves.


  3. Gail Perrin says:

    Andrea…It was such a pleasure having you and Daniel in Kentucky Soaps & Such for your book signing last week! I felt like I had known you all my life! I am so thankful that God sent you our way and I know that our friendship will be a lasting one. I am looking forward to curling up with your book and enjoying your gift of writing. Keep in touch!

  4. Dear Andrea, I loved this recap of your booksigning in KY. Wish I could have been there! And I have a recipe for pepper jelly I make, altho I prefer the red peppers since they are sweeter. For Christmas I like to make it with both green and red and serve it just like you said–with cream cheese and crackers. Yummy! May this be the first of your Love Finds You… books.

  5. Debby Mayne says:

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience, Andrea! I love the pictures!

  6. How fun and you are so deserving of a day like that Andrea! I told you I left the book for my Mom to read and she too couldn’t put it down. Last week when I asked her if she liked the book so far she said, “OH, I loved it! (she finished it already) Saturday I laid on the couch ALL day and let your Dad watch the kids.” Mom and Dad do foster care and have 3 little ones in their home…so going to Kentucky was a real treat for her! 🙂

  7. What a wonderful opportunity to touch people in this special town. I loved seeing the photos and hearing all about this special event. I loved the book too!
    Carrie T.

  8. Bob16 says:

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  9. I used to read you blog religiously, I can’t believe I ever stopped! Now I remember what got me addicted before all else.

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  11. Donna Poston says:

    Although I’m sure the plays you went to called Miracle may actually be called Miracle by those in the town, however, Miracle Ky (the 1 with the zip 40856, and found on the map as Miracle ky, is actually nowhere near the Miracle you mention, I was excited that a book was set in my hometown, because if you look up Miracle Ky, my community pops up! However, it s not…the book is great though! I wish you success, and hope that 1 day you can vist “my “miracle ky!!!!

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