First Love Finds You Releasing! Wahoo!!

Can you tell I’m just a little excited? A few days ago I ordered the first four books in the Love Finds You series. I can’t wait until they come and I can start reading the first release by my fellow Summerside Sister. I was so thrilled to see the first two books showed up on Christian Book Dist., online.

Has anyone seen either of the October releases in a store yet, or is it too soon? Anyone recieved their books yet? I’m waiting to see some reviews pop up on the first two releases….maybe our ‘Sisterhood’ can support each other that way, by reading and reviewing one another’s books on Amazon and CBD.

Anyone who’s read either of the October releases, how about posting here? I’m guessing the readers who visit this blog would love to hear your thoughts.

Miralee Ferrell (who’s book is releasing in Feb., and she can hardly wait!)

Love Finds You In Last Chance, CA

Love Finds You In Last Chance, CA


13 Responses to First Love Finds You Releasing! Wahoo!!

  1. Debby Mayne says:

    Hey, Miralee! I spotted the first 2 releases in Barnes and Noble! I think they’re trickling into the stores, so I bet we see them all over the place soon.

  2. Rose says:


    I picked up both October releases last Saturday at Barnes & Noble. They had two of each book in the inspirational section.

    Unfortunately, my schedule isn’t allowing me to start one yet. But I’m looking forward to both stories.


  3. My copies came in the mail today from Amazon…and get this! The two DECEMBER releases arrived at the same time! Wow! I’m amazed and blown away that the Dec. books are getting shipped already. Just having these first four books sitting on my kitchen counter is making me bounce around the room, excited about the next one releasing….and one of them is MINE!!

    I completed all my edits and revisions Monday morning and the book is going thru the proofreading phase now. Seeing the four books has made mine so much more real. Can’t wait!!!

  4. Hi, Miralee!

    I received both Snowball and Miracle in the mail last week to review . . . and can’t wait to crack the covers! I volunteered to review them just because that’s what I do whenever requests come in on ACFW, but holding these in my hands got me so excited–and I certainly hope you put me on your reviewer list, too, Ms. Ferrell!

  5. Irene Brand says:

    I’m excited, too. We live 50 miles from a BIG bookstore, so I haven’t seen any of the books in the stores, yet. I’ve been looking at our local Wal-Mart every week, but no sign of them there yet. But, not to worry, events move fairly slow in this neck of the woods, so they’ll show up soon.
    Your cover is really a good one, Miralee.
    I have had my author copies of the VALENTINE book for a couple of weeks.
    I sent in a list of reviewers/influencers, too, but I don’t know that any of them have received copies to review.
    I’ll be having several online interviews during November, so I’ll post that information later.

  6. I read Andrea’s Miracle Kentucky story and I loved it! I posted reviews at Amazon and CBD. It is a very sweet story that kept me involved all the way through. I will look forward to reading more Love Find You books.
    Carrie Turansky

  7. Hey Miralee! I had a friend who found the series at the Borders outside Portland (Bridgeport Mall). She was very excited. 🙂


  8. It’s awesome to hear that people are spotting the books in stores near their homes. I’ve been so thrilled to see them shipping ahead of schedule from Amazon and I can’t wait for my box of author copies to arrive. I imagine the sales will increase substantially each time a new set hits the market.

  9. Gwen Faulkenberry says:

    Your idea to read each other’s books and post comments here is a good one, and very gracious.
    I’ve read both Irene’s and Sandie’s novels and they are very different, and both excellent. I plan to start Andrea’s next.
    Looking forward to Last Chance!

  10. Hi Gwen, I’ve finished Valentine and Snowball, and enjoyed them both very much. I’m currently reading your book with Miracle up next. My mom wanted to read it really bad, so I had to defer, LOL! I’ve gotten word that I might have my copies by Christmas, and I’m very excited. Can’t wait to hold my baby in my hands. This has been such an amazing adventure and it’s been made even better having this great group of gals as “Sister Chicks”, LOL!

    Blessings to each of you, Miralee

  11. Gwen Faulkenberry says:

    The Other Daughter and Last Chance are on my Christmas list.
    Hey, at one time I heard something about your first book being looked at for a movie. That’s awesome. Anything new going on with that?

  12. Miralee says:

    Hi Gwen, For some reason I didn’t catch this post until today, so I apologize for the delay in responding. Universal decided to turn the book down as they didn’t see a way of making it without sacrificing the faith elements, and my publisher and I refused to allow them to be completely cut. There is another studio looking at it right now, but no definite feedback yet. It’s something I rarely think about, as it’s not anything I ever expected to happen when I wrote the book, but would be kinda cool if it does! Thanks for asking!

  13. teresa says:

    Congrats Miralee for being part of this fun project. I haven’t seen the books in stores yet, but like Irene I don’t have any big stores nearby.

    All the Best,

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