My Hero helped me upload pictures of Maiden!

My Hero, also known as Hubby, helped me upload pictures we took of Maiden, NC, this past summer. Yes, we are a bit behind on sorting through our digital pictures! Isn’t everyone? 🙂

Maiden reminded me a lot of where I grew up in Victoria, Virginia. We visited Maiden on a quiet Sunday afternoon and we could feel a sense of peace. I always love visiting North Carolina, but we had never seen this particular part of the state.

Enjoy the pictures!

Here is one view:


Notice the church steeple visible in this one:


I think this church is also lovely:



4 Responses to My Hero helped me upload pictures of Maiden!

  1. Debby Mayne says:

    It’s great to see pictures of the actual towns we’re writing about! I love the church!

  2. Hi Tamela –
    My mother wanted me to ask you if you know someone from Lynchburg named Elmore Townes – because she went to school with him in Savannah, Georgia (she’s 76) and he used to be called Mr. Sunday School and worked with Jerry Falwell.
    Are you still working as an agent for children’s authors?
    I enjoyed your pics! Small towns are the best. I live in a small town that is growing too fast – Bluffton, South Carolina (between Savannah and Hilton Head Island) – we live on a little island with about 30 houses – keeps us away from all the development.
    Hope to hear back from you,

  3. I have already read the manuscript of Tamela’s Love Finds You In Maiden,North Carolina, and it is really great. Read it. You will love it as much as I did.

  4. Patsy Abernethy says:

    Just had to write I’m from Maiden did not know there was a book out about are little town. We went to LifeWay to just look around and I told my husband there is know way this is about are little town. Have not read the book can’t wait to. I have a question what made you want to write about our town?
    Can not understand why the local libary has not picked up on this book. Thanks for writing clean book that I can enjoy. Hope to here from you soon.
    Patsy Abernethy

    PS My husband was from Lincolton about 10 miles from Maiden He always said he would never date any one from Maiden Marry any one from Maiden live in Maiden or his kids go to Maiden. My husband is a big football fan he has season sits. I just goes to show never say never

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