Meet Shawnee, Loree’s wolfy friend!

Okay, I promise…no more wolf photos…at least not for a while.

I’d like to introduce you to Shawnee, the second most-important furry character in Love Finds You in Paradise, PA.


Are you curious to learn more about this amazing animal? Well, you can either wait until Paradise is released…or visit the Sanctuary’s web site!

Talk to you soon. Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to hearing what y’all think of my fuzzy friends!

‘Til then, take care!


7 Responses to Meet Shawnee, Loree’s wolfy friend!

  1. Gwen Ford Faulkenberry says:

    As a fellow dog lover, your fuzzy friends make me want to howl!

  2. Debby Mayne says:

    What soulful eyes! Thank you for sharing, Loree!

  3. Irene Brand says:

    Yeah, Loree. This is a great photo – I like him. Is he the MAIN character? 🙂
    I have a dog in VALENTINE, and I gave him so much attention, he almost stole the show.

    I’ll wait for your book to see more about the wolf. I have too much traveling in store the next few months to go to Paradise.

  4. Loree Lough says:

    The wolves aren’t exactly MAIN characters in Paradise, but I can assure you this: They play important roles. Almost as important as Simon and Julia’s Amish friends!

    Soon, the video book trailer for the book will be available. I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

    Meanwhile, here’s hoping your weekend was amazing and the upcoming will will be filled with happy surprises.

    All my best,

  5. Loree Lough says:

    Hey you guys!
    I just had a preview sneak peek at the cover for Paradise, and wow, I’m blown away! Rachel says the artist has work to do yet, though I can’t imagine how it could be any prettier!
    Soon as I’m allowed to, I’ll share it with all of you. Meanwhile, happy writing and happy days!

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