Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

My book is set in the small town of Romeo, which is not far from the southern border of Colorado. It lies right in the heart of the beautiful San Luis Valley. I don’t have any pictures, but I hope those thousands of words I wrote will do justice to a setting and culture that captivated me as I worked on the story.

I have spent time in Santa Fe, Taos, and northern New Mexico, as well as a great many parts of Colorado. But because I was unable to visit Romeo itself, I am extra-thankful to Aaron Abeyta, a professor and writer who lives near there and provided me with loads of information. He feels about the San Luis Valley like I do about the Arkansas River Valley—it is home sweet home.
Most people who pick up this novel will probably assume, as I did, that the name of the town is related to Shakespeare’s most famous romantic tragedy. I’d like to tell you whether or not that’s correct, but you’ll just have to read the book to find out!


9 Responses to Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

  1. Irene Brand says:

    We, too, like Colorado. I really believe that the publishers came up with a great idea when they decided to use actual places as the settings. And I have a feeling that the tourist bureaus in those particular areas will be happy, too. :)If we go back to Colorado, I’ll sure want to see Romeo, as well as the other state places, we’re writing about.

  2. Debby mayne says:

    Your setting sounds beautiful, Gwen! Wouldn’t it be fun to take a tour of all the towns featured in our books?

  3. Irene Brand says:

    That’s a great thought, Debby! Rod and I may try to take in those close to us, at least. After we read the books, of course!

  4. Loree Lough says:

    Hey there, Sisters!

    Hope everybody had a great weekend.

    Gwen…I can hardly wait to read Romeo, to find out how the city got its name! I understand well how people can fall in love with a place. My hubby and I have visited Colorado several times, and always felt a little sad when our time in that beautiful state was up. The same was true for Nova Scotia, the islands, Ireland (and the rest of the British Isles), Italy, etc. But no matter how fantastic the vistas or the locals, Dorothy’s famous quote always echoed in our hearts as we approached BWI airport: “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home….”

    I think Debby’s idea–touring all the towns featured in our books–is a great one. Since that isn’t possible for most of us, maybe we can figure out a way to do the next best thing…design a US map, with colorful stick pins to denote each Love Finds You town.

    We could each ‘tack’ a one- or two-sentence blurb about our novels, along with a one-line description of the town. Sorta be the equivalent of letting readers slap a bumper sticker on their quickly-growing Summerside books collection. How cool would that be!

    Talk so y’all soon. Meanwhile, have a blessedly productive week!

    All my best,

  5. Irene Brand says:

    The map idea sounds good, Loree. Now, if I only had that U.S. (framed) map that I’d shoved from one place to the other in the house for several years. And finally decided to throw away. However, my husband (Rod) has been a member of National Geographic since he was 18, so he’ll have lots of maps. The next problem won’t be so easy to solve. Where in this house can I find a place to put anything else?
    Have a good day, all!

  6. Toni says:

    Hi we are excited to see that you have written a romance book about our small town. This is the first we have ever heard about it and I am excited to go and buy the book to read it. My husband is the Mayor of Romeo. And he was also excited to hear about this book. I am sure that our towns people would love to read your book.

  7. Gwen Faulkenberry says:

    Hi Toni,
    I hope you get this. I don’t know how else to email you–I’m a bit technologically challenged!
    I am so thrilled that you contacted me. As you may know, I’ve been in contact for some months with Professor Aaron Abeyta at Adams, whose knowledge of the area was invaluable in my research.
    A reporter from there recently contacted me for an interview and I am hoping to set up a trip to visit Romeo soon. I hope we can meet in person.

  8. Caryn says:

    I have to say I am very excited to read this book, having grown up in Romeo. My mother showed me her copy in amazement because everything you describe is right on. I actually worked in the clinic which you describe as being a block from the La Jara Hospital as the receptionist. Thank you for shedding light on our little town!

  9. calum nairn says:

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