Loree has a picture of Paradise, PA for you!

Paradise, PA

Well dearies, as promised, here’s a photograph of beautiful Paradise, PA. Wide vistas of rolling farmlands are a fairly regular sight up there, but visitors can stop in the quaint little town to shop or eat or just stroll along the main street, too.

Next time I visit, I’ll share a picture of the nearby Wolf Sanctuary of PA, where Simon and Julia meet. But I hafta warn you, once you see these magnificent creatures, you might just want to hop in the car (despite gas prices!) and meet them, yourselves!

Until then, I pray you’ll never miss a rainbow or a sunset because you’re looking (or feeling) down.



6 Responses to Loree has a picture of Paradise, PA for you!

  1. Debby Mayne says:

    Amazing photograph! It doesn’t look real. I look forward to seeing more pictures of Paradise.

  2. Loree, that sky looks like it was painted on! It’s exquisite.


  3. Beautiful picture Loree!! I can’t wait to see more. RHonda

  4. Loree Lough says:

    This really IS a gorgeous photo, isn’t it! If you have a chance to motor on up to lovely Paradise, you’ll see for yourself the town’s name was well chosen. (It really does look that pretty in person!)

    I want to add what a pleasure it is for me to be in such wonderful company here on the Summerside pages. Though I haven’t yet had a chance to read every Summerside authors’ books, I’ll make the logical leap of faith and say I’m certain they’re all talented authors who are sure to deliver entertaining, inspiring reads. (I’m chompin’ at the bit to get my hands on the first books of every terrific gal in the Summerside Sisterhood!)

  5. Maria Leisa says:

    Hi Loree-
    Me and my husband will be heading to Lancaster next week and upon doing some research on Paradise I came across your site. I believe the photo you have posted is my husband’s photo from his flickr page(genec55). I remember Paradise being beautiufl. Can’t wait to get some new photo’s of Paradise.

  6. Loree Lough says:

    Hi, Maria!

    I found that gorgeous photo after searching for “royalty-free photos of Paradise PA”. Your husband surely is a talented photographer!

    Let me know if he’d like more of his images included here. I’m happy to help him share them with the readers who love Summerside stories. And if you’ll send me your address, I’ll make sure you get a copy of the novel soon as it’s available!

    Meanwhile, hope you enjoyed your most recent trip to Amish country. Take care, and keep in touch!

    All my best,

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