Is Everybody Busy?

I’ve checked our website a few times, and if I’m on the “right page,” there’s only been one post in July.  I suppose all of you are busy  writing as I am. Or on vacation?  I’m working on a new book idea, but it’s in the research stage at this point.  I like research – it’s the first draft of a manuscript that gives me fits.

I’ve been invited to participate in an hour-long radio interview on July 31, and I’m intending to put in a good word about our new series of books.  The radio station’s website is  I’ll admit that I took a second look when I noticed that the subject on the message was, INTERVIEW WITH HEAVEN!  I’ll be sitting in my office in West Virginia, talking by phone to the host of the program in Maryland.  The interview can be heard in the Washington DC area, northern Virginia and all over Maryland. Also through TV if one has the right connection.

I have no idea how/why they chose to interview me, but the book they’re featuring is my Steeple Hill, January, 2007 book, A HUSBAND FOR ALL SEASONS.  However, I sent the host some questions for her to use in the interview, and one I chose was, “What is your next book and when will it be published?”  SO I figure this will be a golden opportunity to spread the news about Summerside.

ALSO, who among us is going to ACFW in Minneapolis in September? Lord willing, my husband and I will be there.

God bless all of you today.

Irene Brand


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