New Findings For Last Chance

I’m very excited that the Lord is putting together some wonderful contacts for me down in the Last Chance area. My husband and I fly out in a little over two weeks, and can hardly wait to explore the area and dig into the local history.

We’ll be staying at a small lodge just 4 miles (as the crow flies) from the old ghost town, but 24 miles by road (there’s a deep canyon between that has to be driven around). Thankfully, I’ve been corresponding with the owner of the lodge who is supplying me with maps of the area and ideas of what to visit. She’s also contacted a local Archaeologist who works for the Forest Service and knows the area well. He’s offered to ride with us to the old town site and give us as much information as possible. We’ll be visiting local museums and checking into newspaper archives, if any date back far enough.

Then, we’ll be driving to the Nevada line and covering the old historical route that my hero Justin would have transversed. We’ll stay three days in that area, then return to Sacramento and home. I’ll be taking pictures and posting updates while there, if we’re able (to post pics here).

I’m so excited about this new book and the opportunity to explore the area where it takes place!


3 Responses to New Findings For Last Chance

  1. Gwen Faulkenberry says:

    Dear Miralee,
    What a wonderful opportunity! I pray that as you delve into the area of the old ghost town that the Spirit of God will visit you, and inspire you with the perfect images and stories you need to write this book. I know He has a message to share through you–and I can’t wait to read it!
    Gwen (Love Finds You in Romeo)

  2. Pam Meyers says:

    Have a wonderful time, Miralee! I’m heading north to Wisconsin in June to scope out the setting for a story I’m targeting to Summerside and I can’t wait to get there. I’ve already connected with someone I found via the Net who had photos of the area up on Webshots and she has helped me so much, answering questions. But there is nothing like being there.

  3. Hi Gwen! I got my copy of your book from Amazon a few days ago. I’m working on Sandi’s Snowball book right now, but you’re in my TBR pile. I did sneak a peek at the first few pages of each of the first four books and they all look great. Wish I was four people and could read them all at once. Isn’t this new series exciting! Miralee

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