Snowball, Arkansas

What a great time I’ve had writing this book! It’s been a while since I’ve been to Arkansas, but I remember my time there fondly. I was a publicist for actors in Hollywood at the time, and one of my biggest clients had a few personal appearances in the area … so my business partner and I took the opportunity to get to know a state neither of us had ever visited before.  Since I came away with dreams of retiring there, I guess you can figure out how much it impacted me.

In the course of writing Love Finds You in Snowball, Arkansas, I’ve been in touch with some of the coolest Arkansinians. Arkansans. Arkanites? I’ve asked a park ranger questions about bass fishing in the Buffalo National River, and I’ve spoken at length to a tour guide at Blanchard Springs underground caverns. I’ve even e-mailed the owner of a little cafe I remember from an afternoon in Mountain View, Arkansas. What I’ve found is that the people of Arkansas are just as warm and hospitable as I remember them, and new retirement dreams are percolating. If you’ve never been there, I highly recommend it.

In fact … if you wait a few years, you can come and sit on my retirement porch and sip some tea and chat with me about God’s grace and blessings while we look over miles and miles of green hills and wildflower fields. See? Percolating. 

All the best!

Sandie Bricker <– currently a resident of sunny, hot, humid  and brown Tampa, Florida


11 Responses to Snowball, Arkansas

  1. Pam Hillman says:

    Sandie, We’ve visited that area of Arkansas several times over the years. Some of my favorite memories when I was a child was some small cabins on the banks of the Buffalo River. There was a rock strewn wading swimming area a few hundred yards away. Every time we went through the area, that’s where I always wanted to stop. I think the cabins are long gone now, though. Thanks for reminding me of the Buffalo River. Great memories!

  2. Gwen Ford Faulkenberry says:

    Dear Sandie,

    I enjoyed reading your entry about Snowball and look forward to seeing the book!

    I actually live in Northwest Arkansas, so, if there is anything I can help you with at all, let me know. I’ve lived here all of my life and I’m pretty high on my home state.


  3. Pam and Gwen:

    Thank you so much for your notes. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in my appreciation for Arkansas!

    There have been so many great experiences with writing this book … not the least of which is that itch to go back again. I think we need a big group road trip. 🙂


  4. Candy says:

    You go, girl! I love your intro, Sandie. I can’t wait to read this book. I am reminded of Fannie Flag (2 g’s???) and the Whistle Stop Cafe. Hurry up and write already!!!!!!!

  5. Debby Mayne says:

    Hey, Sandie! You know I love your stories that always have a great balance of humor and poignancy. I have no doubt this book will get fabulous reviews!

  6. Ben Cain says:

    Hi Sandie, I just pre-ordered 2 copies of your book. I live on the west coast (grapes of wrath migration) but my grandparents were both born in Snowball in the 1880’s. I still have cousins there. I have visited there several times on “roots” trips. I can’t get enough of the place. It is spiritual. My wife likes novels so she will most likely read the book. Thanks and best wishes for more success. Ben

  7. Ben, I’m so excited to hear from a Snowball connection! It’s such gorgeous country out that way, isn’t it? I used a lot of nearby areas in my book, such as the Buffalo and the underground caverns. It’s been several years since I was there, but I shared the experience with a close friend, and we had the most fun exploring! I came back absolutely convinced that I would retire there.

    I hope you’ll keep in touch and let me know what you think of the book. Thanks so much for your note.


  8. Loree Lough says:

    What a thrill it is to work alongside my great friend, Sandie! Any of you who haven’t yet enjoyed the fun-tastic experience of a Sandra Bricker novel are truly missing out on a whole lotta reading fun.

    Sandie knows how to balance ‘just’ the right amount of humor, spirituality, and of course romance to keep any avid reader coming back for more…and more.

    Do yourself a favor and find one of her books, right this minute. You won’t be sorry, I promise!

  9. Loree Lough, what a sweet thing to say! You know I feel the same about your writing. This is like a mutual fan club going on here at Summerside. You love Irene and me, we love you and Debby, Debby loves me and Andrea ……….

    What a fun place to be, this Summerside Press.

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